How Bruce Bolt drove an 11.8% Conversion Rate Lift


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Get ready for a grand slam story about Bruce Bolt, a family-owned business based in Austin, Texas, that's making waves in the baseball world! Founded by Bear Mayer, a 16-year-old baseball player who wanted to make some cash for better gear and his first car, Bruce Bolt's story is as impressive as its products. Bruce is actually Bear's grandfather, who was a baseball player himself and survived being struck by lightning twice. Yes, you heard that right! Bruce Bolt encapsulates the spirit of the company - a team that appreciates every moment as an opportunity to compete and be better Because you never know when you'll get struck by lightning again!

But that's not all that's electrifying about Bruce Bolt. When they first met our team at Because, they were struggling to find an easy way to update content across their product pages and collection pages and communicate essential messages that would drive more bat-and-glove sales.

We brainstormed messages that would resonate with their site visitors and without having to get a developer involved, the small but mighty Bruce Bolt marketing team published over a dozen campaigns live across their site.

They explored messaging like how to unlock free shipping, product reviews, player testimonials, and cross-sells. Because helped their Ecommerce Director publish dozens of messaging experiments live across their product pages in a matter of minutes. Each message was placed exactly where he wanted it. Each message matched exactly to the styling (fonts, sizes, colors, etc.) of the site.

If you go to their product page, you’ll see a review live above the fold as well as a shipping message below the add-to-cart that will adapt as you add more items to your cart and unlock free shipping.

If you go to one of their collection pages, you’ll see a text element review at the top of the page powered by Because.

Using Because, Bruce Bolt was able to engage customers proactively by answering their questions and reinforcing product value without interrupting their browsing experience.

Bruce Bolt hit a home run with Because, driving an 11.8% cumulative conversion rate lift across their site after testing over a dozen campaigns (1.45% conversion rate for the control and 1.62% conversion rate for the test). Their “close to free shipping” and “unlock free shipping campaigns” increased conversion rates by 14% and 22%, respectively. Their review campaigns were the most successful, bringing in 20% lift to conversion rate and 26% lift to add to cart rate. Finally, their free T-shirt campaign also saw a positive impact with a 13% lift in conversion. This team is definitely on fire!

In summary, Bruce Bolt and Because make a winning combination, providing customers with a buying experience that's just as amazing as their products. So, if you want to score big like Bruce Bolt, slide on over to our demo calendar and chat with our team today!

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