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About the Store:

Leading Lady is an online retailer that designs and creates bras for every body. They want all “boobs to be happy boobs.” Their direct-to-consumer approach provides bras that are designed for comfort, fit, and support.

Leading Lady has over 78 years of experience and is a leader in intimate apparel. “Our garments deliver innovative intimate solutions for figures of all types, especially full figure, pregnant and nursing women.”

Leading Lady teamed up with Because to find which message across their product description pages (PDP) would bring in a higher add-to-cart rate and a high conversion lift. Conversion lift data helped Leading Lady adjust and improve its messaging, to generate more revenue through its product description pages.
The Ecommerce Challenge:

There was always something stopping site visitors from checking out and completing their purchases. The challenge Leading Lady had was a high abandonment rate. Across their product pages, site visitors were leaving their site altogether. Messages were not getting across to site visitors and there was a lack of encouragement to shop. This meant money was left on the table. Site visitors left with questions on shipping and missed any potential sales, coupons, or incentives that gave them the extra nudge to complete their purchase.

The team at Leading Lady was searching for a way to increase conversion rate, but didn’t think the product page was a priority, nor that both were related to each other. The Leading Lady team asked Because to prove that adding messaging to the product page would increase conversion.
Breaking Down the Experiment: 

The A/B test on Leading Lady’s product detail pages resulted in two weeks of testing eight campaigns into split audiences. The eight campaigns were across urgency/inventory messaging, shipping, reviews, promotions, and cross-sells.

We discovered the results after undergoing two weeks of A/B experimentation that included showing Leading Lady’s first 8 Because product detail page campaigns (the test) to 50% of their site traffic and showing the other 50% nothing (control). Because was able to test the standard site conversion rate across all product detail pages, which ranged between 1.58% and 1.63% before Because.

- Total Impressions in Experiment: 60,324
- Exposure to Because Banner:
- Exposed: 50.9% = 29,595
- Not exposed: 49.1% = 30,729
Group A did not see a rotation of the eight campaigns. Out of the 29,595 participants, this group brought in a total of 2.9% product detail page conversion rate. This meant out of this group, 2,461 people added items to their cart and 871 actually moved through the funnel and clicked purchase.

Group B did see a variety of the eight campaigns. Out of the 30,729 participants, 2,628 added items to their cart, and 1,033 moved through the funnel and clicked purchase. Those that saw the Because banners brought in a 3.3% product detail page conversion rate.

The Because Solution:

Together with Because, Leading Lady conducted an A/B test experiment to prove a conversion lift with Banner messages and through the test results - find which message would result in higher conversion and add-to-cart rate lifts.

Across the board, Because drove a conversion rate increase on all eight campaigns. For the add-to-cart rate campaigns, all but three campaigns increased. This resulted in a proven 14% overall conversion rate lift and as high as 48% conversion lift on specific campaigns like urgency messaging.

- PDP conversion rate lift from Because: 14.2%
- Revenue lift per impression: $0.88
- Additional revenue brought in using Because: $9,628 

Because was able to calculate if Leading Lady sells 1,000 orders per month, with Because they are able to get an extra 140 orders per month. This would increase the average order value of these extra 140 orders to $14,000. The revenue lift per impression ends up being $0.88 - meaning on average Leading Lady made $0.88 every time someone sees a Because campaign.
So what was Leading Lady’s winning message?

Leading Lady had two winning messages. Their highest add-to-cart rate was their 50% off campaign. This message brought in a total of 30.73% add-to-cart rate. This same message brought in a 28% increase in conversion rate, which was their second-highest rate increase across all eight campaigns.

The urgency messages created the highest conversion lift for Leading Lady. Among all eight campaigns, this brought a total increase of 48.82%.

Additional revenue from Because during this two-week experiment brought in $9,682 for Leading Lady, with projected revenue of $19,364 by the end of the month.
Types of Because Messages:

Voted Best Of...
No matter if customers are shopping online or in-store, awards and “voted best of” titles do influence customers. Leading Lady tested a campaign that showcased their best seller, according to their customers. This influenced customers and after an A/B test, contributed to a conversion rate increase of 12.55%

Our most comfortable bra! Voted best bra by hundreds of happy customers.”

Free Shipping Nudge:
Leading Lady displayed two free shipping Banners based on certain rules.

“Your order qualifies for free shipping”
“Pro tip…add more to your cart to unlock free shipping”

The free shipping Banners were displayed above the add-to-cart button once a customer qualified for free shipping. Through the Rules Engine, Leading Lady was able to set a cart total price rule that enabled these Banners to show when the site visitor reached a certain amount in their cart. It gave a nudge to purchase and save on shipping costs. The free shipping message brought in an 8.39% conversion rate and let customers know how to qualify for free shipping before proceeding to checkout.

Creating an urgent message effectively can get your site visitors to take action fast. Add in an inventory element and you have a winning combination. Leading Lady experimented with three urgent messages, testing one that mentioned inventory.

“Grab yours now sis, this is selling out fast!”
“Save 50% on this style, sizes going fast”
“Don’t miss this one sis, it’s selling out fast”

Communicating each campaign was split between two test audiences for each campaign. The “Don’t miss this one sis, it’s selling out fast” Banner gave Leading Lady a 48.82% increase in conversion rate. It became their highest conversion lift.

The “Save 50% on this style, sizes going fast” campaign had the highest add-to-cart rate across both control and test audience. It also became the 2nd highest conversion rate increase across all eight campaigns.

With Because added to their ecommerce stack, Leading Lady was able to generate revenue, increase their average order value, and find which message resonated with their site visitors the most. Leading Lady is projected to have over $100,000 in additional revenue by end of 2022. This led to an increase across the board for their product detail pages. Because drove a conversion rate increase on all eight campaigns. For the add-to-cart rate campaigns, all but three campaigns increased.

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