We are going to let you in on 5 amazing (not-so-secret) Shopify apps that will help communicate stock information on your Shopify product pages.

One key to success on Shopify is utilizing the Shopify App Store. With more than 6,000 apps to help you do everything from shipping to marketing to SEO and everything in between, the app store can transform your Shopify site into a major brand.

We are going to let you in on 5 amazing (not-so-secret) Shopify apps that will help communicate stock information on your Shopify product pages. Having inventory and communicating stock information to your customers is an important part of creating a great shopping experience for your customers. Not to mention, making sure customers are aware of when their favorite products will be back in stock.


As the demand for more products increases, especially during the upcoming holiday season notifying customers of product changes and stock information is crucial. Not to mention, the global supply chain has caused delays and issues for some products and suppliers, "back in stock" notifications have never been more important to ensure your customers get the right information about products they’re shopping for.

Cartwheel is a Klaviyo integration that is designed to invisibly provide important missing functionality. After a five minute set up on Shopify, you never have to look at it again. Your email flows setup, triggers, and results will all be visible within Klaviyo, just like every other flow.

Cartwheel is an app for stores that are already using Klaviyo for their emails on Shopify to let customers know when their item is back in stock. Cartwheel is also a no-code app so you can get set up right away.


Because is a female-founded Shopify app that's powering unique product page content at scale through customizable Pop Ups, Bars, and Banners. Our goal is to help you make every single product page across your site different. The goal? Drive maximum conversion on each product.

How do we do this? We're capitalizing on the 8 seconds you have to grab your site visitor's attention with new real estate: Banners above the add to cart button.

Use Because to display dynamic messages on their product pages, like stock information, shipping, promotions, reviews, social mission info, product details, and more. This is a no-code app that can help your customers engage with your products, give information on specific products such as when they will be in stock or when a new collection has arrived. Create unique content across every single product page and increase both add to cart and conversion.


Do you know how many of your customers are abandoning their shopping carts on your site? Cart abandonment is a big hurdle for Shopify merchants. Push notifications are one trend that is helping customers shop with the intention to purchase and lead to fewer abandoned carts. Push notifications are short notifications for your visitors, either online or through an app, that you can collect requiring no personal information like an email address or phone number, turning your customers into subscribers to your website.

Pushowl is a fantastic Shopify app that is rated a perfect five stars and helps with notifications to your customers. Push notifications can give customers a special promo or discounts, give “back in stock” notifications, and ultimately offer a personalized approach to customer retention.

ReStock: Back in stock alerts:

The app is the classic notification app that allows customers to opt-in for "back in stock" alerts on a product page through a "Notify Me" button near the "add the cart" button. This is a great solution to the problems Shopify merchants have of abandoned shopping carts. With an app like ReStock, communicating stock information to your customer and letting them sign up for when a specific product is available, can make a difference in your average order value.

ReStock is a no-code app that lets you customize the "Notify Me" button, a specific subscription form, and the notification email template. It is compatible with all Shopify themes and supports multiple languages.

The key to success with Shopify and ways to compete on the global scale of major retailers is to know which specific tools to use and optimize. The Shopify App Store has tons of amazing apps that will help you communicate stock information to your customers, and take your business further. According to Shopify, "Half of consumers (50%) look for independently-owned businesses to support." The opportunity for your business to have a loyal following is there with the right product, the right strategy and the right tools.

Guest Post by the Cartwheel Team