This is a short repost from our feature in FurnitureToday.

This is a short repost from our feature in FurnitureToday. Read the full interview with our Founder and CEO here at FurnitureToday by Thomas Lester

According to Littledata, home furnishings retailers need help when it comes to consumers adding products to their online shopping carts.

The e-commerce tracking resource surveyed 2,305 stores in March 2022 and found the average add-to-cart (ATC) rate was at 5%. It noted that anything more than 8.3% would be among the best 20% of stores it benchmarks for ATC rate, while more than 10.4% would be in the elite tier, the top 10%. Its survey revealed that the average ATC rate for furniture and homewares was just 3.46% in May 2022.

“We help site visitors move through the buying journey on the site to conversion,” Ashland Stansbury, Because’s founder and CEO told Furniture Today. “The way we help is by placing targeted messaging that tells what consumers need throughout the process.”

Stansbury said when a consumer shops Amazon, even if she doesn’t buy the product she clicks on, Amazon serves her information about that product including cost, availability, shipping dates, specifications and more, as well as similar “you might also like” products. Because integrates onto the Shopify platform and serves consumers similar information.

“Amazon’s secret sauce is: If you’re not going to buy that product, they’re going to move you to another product to buy,” Stansbury said. “We’re serving retailers who sell tons of products. In that move-to-cart process, we serve up messaging like Amazon does that’s relevant to that product and that site visitor.

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