How Canopy used Because & Rebuy to increase AOV by 5% and Conversion by 21%

71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized website experiences. But with the majority of ecommerce teams being extremely resource strapped, most don’t ever get to fully bring this to life. That’s why we’re bringing together the ultimate personalization platform duo: Rebuy and Because - neither require code and both give you real time analytics on how your personalization efforts are performing on site. Register below to hear directly from Ecommerce Manager at Canopy on their strategy.

February 13th | 12:00 PM EST

What we'll be covering

On February 13th, we’ll be bringing together Founder & CEO of Because, Ashland Stansbury, Partner Specialist at Rebuy, McKinnon Newell, and Ecommerce Manager at leading Shopify wellness brand, Canopy, Anastasia Postolati to share how they used Because + Rebuy to drive a 21% conversion increase and 5% AOV increase.

This stacked ecommerce leadership crew will be sharing how to optimize your entire on-site journey (both pre and post-purchase) across your home page, collection page, product page, cart, checkout, and post-checkout for maximum AOV and conversion.

Meet The Speakers

ashland headshot

Ashland Stansbury

Because | Founder & CEO

caleb headshot

Caleb Jobe

Head of Operations & Marketing

paula headshot

Paula Redden

Sales Lead

paula headshot

Paula Redden

Sales Lead

Ashland Stansbury

Founder & CEO

Canopy's Ecommerce Manager

Anastasia Postolati

Ecommerce Manager

Rebuy's Partner Specialist

McKinnon Newell

Partner Specialist