How Club Ride Apparel Increased AOV by $50 with Because


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Get ready to ride with Club Ride Apparel! This online retailer doesn't just offer cycling and adventure clothing - they craft clothing for the mountain bike lifestyle. Whether you're hitting the trails or heading to the taproom, Club Ride Apparel has you covered. But they didn't stop there - they teamed up with Because to make their product detail pages (PDP) even better.

Club Ride Apparel wanted to make it easy for visitors to their site to make a purchase. They wanted to highlight their free shipping offer, showcase their best-sellers, and give sizing information right where customers could see it. Because helped them create four different campaigns to test different ways to communicate these messages. And the results were impressive!

Because ran an A/B test for four weeks, and the targeted campaigns showed a 10% increase in conversion rate and add-to-cart rate. This led to an additional $23,392 in revenue that Club Ride Apparel wouldn't have captured otherwise. And every time someone saw a Because campaign, they made an average of $1.35.

So what were the winning messages? The "unlocked free shipping" campaign had the highest add-to-cart rate and conversion increase, bringing in a whopping 42.91% add-to-cart rate increase and a 61.72% conversion rate increase.

The "add accessories" up-sell campaign had the second highest conversion rate and add-to-cart rate increase, with a 25.44% add-to-cart rate increase and a 30% conversion rate increase.

Thanks to Because, Club Ride Apparel was able to guide customers to purchase and offer a targeted experience for each customer. So if you're looking for high-quality cycling and adventure clothing that's crafted from a mountain biker's perspective, look no further than Club Ride Apparel!

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