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About the Store:

Club Ride Apparel is an online retailer billed as a cycling and adventure clothing brand. They offer everything from men's and women's clothing to accessories. “We craft clothing for the mountain bike lifestyle. Built from a mountain biker's perspective, we’ve got you covered from trail to taproom.”Club Ride Apparel teamed up with Because to find which message across their product detail pages (PDP) would bring in a higher add-to-cart rate and a high conversion lift. The data through this A/B test helped Club Ride Apparel increase its AOV (average order value). In addition, the estimated lift per impression grew through its strategic messages on its product detail pages.

The Ecommerce Challenge: 

Club Ride Apparel wanted to have an easy way to update content across their product detail pages while effectively communicating certain messages to help site visitors make a purchase. Club Ride Apparel wanted to get across free shipping as a selling point to site visitors and showcase which products are best-sellers. Club Ride Apparel also wanted to highlight specific product information such as sizing links to help the site visitor and details on their wider collection. 
Types of Because Messages:

Free Shipping:
Club Ride Apparel created and tested four campaigns on free shipping. These free shipping messages were displayed when a certain amount of items are in the shopper's cart. Other messages let customers know which products qualified for free shipping. Because discovered that the more targeted shipping campaigns performed better than generic shipping campaigns.

For customers shopping online, sizing is an important piece of information to know. Often ecommerce sites have sizing information linked toward the bottom of the product detail page or on another hidden page. Club Ride Apparel tested a sizing campaign that read, “Pssst. 👇 Questions about sizing? Click here!” This campaign effectively gave shoppers the link and information to any sizing questions, right above the add-to-cart button.

Highlighting Specific Products:
Club Ride Apparel tested two campaigns that used linkable banners to direct customers to an additional product, than the one they were looking at. Each of these campaigns was based on specific products with details related to each other. The Linkable Banners are effective in introducing customers to additional products with one easy click.
The Because Solution: 

Together with Because, Club Ride Apparel conducted an A/B test experiment over four weeks to prove a conversion lift with Banner messages through Linkable Banners and Text Elements.

On highly targeted campaigns, Because drove conversion rate and add-to-cart rate increases. Because discovered that the more targeted products are with specific messaging and copy, the more impactful these Banner messages were for Club Ride Apparel. These messages increase the AOV among customers and additional revenue.

Because drove over $23,392 in additional revenue through the Because campaigns we tested, that you wouldn't have captured otherwise.

- PDP conversion rate lift from Because: 10%
- Revenue lift per impression: $1.35
- Additional revenue brought in using Because: $23,392

Because was able to calculate the Estimated Lift per Impression. On average, every time someone see’s a Because campaign on Club Ride Apparel, they make $1.35. Because also saw an AOV increase by close to $50 across the board for Because Campaigns (seeing an AOV on controls of $161 v. $211 on Test campaigns).
Breaking Down the Experiment: 

The A/B test on Club Ride Apparel’s product detail pages resulted in four weeks of testing seven campaigns into split audiences. The seven campaigns were across free shipping messaging, product sizing, and highlighting specific products. Four out of the seven text element campaigns included Linkable Banners. The results included showing Club Ride Apparel's first seven product detail page campaigns (the test) to 50% of their site traffic and showing the other 50% nothing (control).

- Total Impressions in Experiment: 101,585
- Exposure to Because Campaigns:
- Exposed: 50.8% = 50,851
- Not exposed: 49.2% = 49,151

Group A did not see a rotation of the seven Because campaigns. Out of the 49,151 participants in this group, Group A brought in a 1% product detail page conversion rate. This meant out of this group, 1,453 people added items to their cart and 491 actually moved through the funnel and clicked purchase.

Group B did see a variety of the seven Because campaigns. Out of the 50,851 participants, 1,604 participants added items to their cart, and 558 moved through the funnel and clicked purchase. Those that saw the Because banners brought in a 1.10% product detail page conversion rate.

So what was Club Ride Apparel's winning message?

Club Ride Apparel had two winning messages. Their unlocked free shipping” campaign had the highest add-to-cart rate and conversion increase. This campaign brought in a total of 42.91% add-to-cart rate increase, and a 61.72% conversion rate increase. It was the highest out of all of their text elements campaigns.

Their “add accessories” up-sell campaign had the second highest conversion rate and add-to-car rate increase. This campaign brought in a 25.44% add-to-cart rate increase and a 30% conversion rate increase. We've seen almost a .5% point increase in conversion rate across applicable campaigns (seeing an observed Conversion Rate on controls of 1.88% v. 2.19% on Test campaigns).


Through the A/B experiment, Club Ride Apparel was able to increase add-to-cart and conversion rates, while also generating additional revenue. With Because added to their ecommerce stack,  Club Ride Apparel was able to guide customers to purchase and offer a targeted experience for each customer.

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