Got Questions? We got answers!


What do you mean by dynamic content?
Do you add new content to the site or replace existing content?
What size should my icon be to upload a custom icon?


How do you integrate with Klaviyo?
Does Because support merchants who use Recharge?
How do brands use Because & Rebuy together?

Site Performance

How will this impact SEO?
What is the size of the Because script
Will Because slow down my site?
What does this mean for what Because looks like on my site?
Does Because affect Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)?
How will this impact accessibility?

Use Cases

What types of use cases can Because support?
How does Because support GWP, upsells, and more in cart? Does it require any coding or other apps?
How does Because support CPG brands moving from a retail focus into more DTC?


How do you measure impact?
How do you calculate AOV?
How can we trust the Because data? Where is it coming from?

Cart Campaigns

How do my cart campaigns get reloaded?
Does Because work with JS carts like Rebuy Smart Cart?

Image Campaigns

How does Image Testing work?

Rules Engine

What if I don’t see my recently created tag or collection in the dropdown?
What format do you need for my UTM to work as a rule?

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Take the power back from your developer and make every piece of content on your site dynamic. Use the Because easy editor, playbooks, and rules to create messaging that increases revenue.