Klaviyo x Because

The Because + Klaviyo integration introduces a whole new world of website personalization opportunities based on Klaviyo data.

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Unlock a whole new world of website personalization opportunities

Because gives merchants the power to use their Klaviyo data on their website to better personalize, test, and increase conversions. Merchants spend so much time building out segments, campaigns, and flows for their high-value data in Klaviyo. Sadly, all that hard work is going to waste when it’s not continued into segmented personalization on their site. (We solve this 😀)

Using Because + Klaviyo, merchants can now target specific customers at much more finely-tuned steps during their on-site purchase journey based on Segment, Campaign, and Flows data. From targeting high-intent “never purchased” segments with enticing incentives, to offering your cart abandoners what they need to make that purchase, to teasing your VIP segments with early access to new releases, Because can support it all.

And it will all happen at key inflection points in their on-site purchase journey—from collection page, to product page, to cart.

Klaviyo Segments

Segments like Never Purchased, Loyalty Members, Recently Purchased—anything merchants have created inside Klaviyo can be used to personalize messaging on site. Let’s look at a few examples. Never purchased: present messaging to segment members with an offer to get them over the line. Loyalty Members—remind them of expiring points, specials promos, events, etc. One of our customers uses Octane quiz answers to create segments in Klaviyo. We then use those segments to give the site visitors product recommendations.

Klaviyo Customer Flows

Using flows, merchants can trigger personalized messaging when it matters most. Adding Because campaigns based on Klaviyo Flows allows for the merchant to better control the last part of the buyer's journey. Typically, flows surround key customer touch-points, like welcome series messaging, engagement prompts, and abandoned cart messages. It’s one thing to send visitors an email about an abandoned cart and have them click. It’s a whole new world when you can also control the messaging after the click on the collection, product, and cart pages.

Klaviyo Campaigns

Merchants spend so much time crafting beautiful campaigns in Klaviyo, but the story stops once a link is clicked. Running adjacent Klaviyo-based campaigns inside Because gives merchants the power to control the narrative based on campaigns on their site. Here are some examples: Promotional campaigns sent via email or SMS, can have the same messaging on the site to keep pushing visitors to purchase. Frequently sent loyalty campaigns can include personalized promo codes or even remind members of their remaining or expiring points.

Create. Test. Get Results.

Take the power back from your developer and make every piece of content on your site dynamic. Use the Because easy editor, playbooks, and rules to create messaging that increases revenue.