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Using Because, Echelon was able to drive a 45% conversion increase across select AB tests and decrease their reliance on their developer for fast changes on site. Here's their story.

Resource Strapped Team Looking to Experiment Fast

Echelon is a quickly growing company known for its connected home exercise equipment and digital fitness classes. They offer a range of smart fitness products including bikes, rowers, treadmills, and “smart” mirrors, as well as a digital membership program for both live and on-demand fitness classes.

When we met with Hillary Corrigan, their Director of Growth Marketing, she shared a few key challenges with us:

Their development team wears many hats:

As is usually the case with Shopify brands, their development team is resource strapped. They frequently face bottlenecks on making website updates. Not to mention, it’s difficult to advocate for developer time on website updates without a clear ROI case - it’s a classic chicken and egg scenario. As a result, they have a lot of great ideas for how to improve conversion rate on site, but very few of them ever get implemented.

Lack of A/B testing:

With the sunset of Google Optimize and a resulting lack of options for quick conversion rate optimization, the team was left in the dark as to what would convert on their site. As a very data driven ecommerce leader, Hillary was looking for a solution that would allow her team to quickly spin up A/B tests and experiments across their entire pre-purchase journey – without getting their developer involved.

Static Site:

The last challenge Hillary shared was that Echelon’s site lacked any real kind of dynamic personalization that could drive visitors along the path to purchase. She had envisioned a more dynamic experience based on information about their site visitors and customers but didn’t know how to connect the dots between data they had in platforms like Klaviyo to a personalized website experience.

Luckily, we had just the solution.

Dynamic Solutions

Echelon was able to quickly spin up a conversion rate optimized experience across their site, utilizing valuable data from Shopify, Klaviyo, and more. Here are a few campaigns they saw success with using Because:

Dynamic Promotions:

Using the Because no code editor, Echelon set up a dynamic promotion on new products. Integrated directly with Shopify data, they were able to easily specify pages to go live on. Scheduling rules with a start and end date made it easy to manage AB testing to see real time impact. With over a 24% conversion increase and a 14% AOV increase, this campaign was a great success to make their promotion more visible on specific PLP's and drive urgency during the sale.

Dynamic Product Info:

Echelon also set up a campaign to target new site visitors with product education. They used the Because rules engine to set "if this, then that" rules like if "Collection page is Echelon Connect Bikes" and "Number of Site Visits is less than 5" then show this banner. This campaign helped to educate new site visitors and guide them towards an informed purchase decision.

Dynamic Reviews: 

Finally, Echelon set up dynamic cart reviews based on the items in shoppers carts. This approach not only bolsters confidence, but offered valuable insights for AB testing around which types of social proof resonates with visitors. 
Also in cart, Echelon added dynamic upsells. When a visitor added a standard model to cart, they would see the enhanced features of deluxe models - gently encouraging shoppers towards higher-end products.

conversion impact and rOI

Echelon was able to provide a helpful "guiding hand" for site visitors as they navigated their product catalog — towards more accessories, better products, or “purchase guides” for new customers. As a result of implementing Because, Echelon was able to drive a cumulative 45% conversion increase across their campaigns and prove an 18X ROI.

Implementing Because was a huge step forward for Echelon as it provided both more self-sufficiency for their resource strapped marketing team and the power to easily implement dynamic content to see how it converts.

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“The A/B testing has illuminated some learnings that I have found to be really insightful, especially around messaging. Also, we can get in front of our campaigns and automate them way far in advance. Love it!”

-Hillary C

Director of Growth Marketing

ready to see for yourself?

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Here's What to Expect

Here's What to Expect

When you book time with our team, we’ll ask you questions about your conversion goals, take you through a high level overview of Because, and assess the potential conversion impact on your business.

When you book time with our team, we’ll ask you questions about your conversion goals, take you through a high level overview of Because, and assess the potential conversion impact on your business.

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