How Beauty Brand, Fancii, Increased Conversion by 15% with PDP Geolocation Targeting


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About the Store:

Fancii is the one-stop shop for all of the beauty tools any skincare fan can think of owning. From vanity mirrors to skincare tools to nail care and everything needed for a beauty routine, Fancii has the “beauty Tools that live up to your beauty standards.”

With most of its products available at Target, Macy’s, and Neiman Marcus, Fancii is a growing ecommerce brand that started seven years ago. “Our goal at Fancii has always been to help people feel their most beautiful, confident, authentic self - whatever that means to them,” proclaims Fancii. “The heart of our brand is all about providing people with an outlet for self-care and self-expression.”

The Ecommerce Challenge:

Like most growing ecommerce brands, Fancii had site visitors dropping off their product detail pages, not feeling inspired or moved to complete a purchase. This affected their conversion rate and had visitors leave with questions on product information and shipping. Another ecommerce challenge was the limited time Fancii had to engage a developer to make website changes in real-time, in response to product inventory changes and shipping details on certain products. 
Types of Because Messages:

Free Shipping Based on Geolocation:
Fancii created several text elements campaigns using Because that reached users based on where they were located. This helped give users specific shipping information based on products they were viewing. For example, users in the United Kingdom received shipping information that informed whether that product shipped to them directly. “Hey UK babe, we ship to you! Expect this item in 11-20 days!”

Users in Canada received a similar message - “I see you’re in Canada! Enjoy 3-7 day shipping and get your goodies fast.” Users in the U.S. received similar messages. “I see you’re in the US! Enjoy 3-7 day shipping and get your goodies fast.” This gives users specific information about shipping and customizes the messages based on location. This enhances the customer experience by giving users targeted and tailored information. 

Unlocking Free Shipping Thresholds: 
Over 40% of consumers shopping online actively research delivery costs when shopping online. Shoppers want to know before they click add to cart how much they will be paying for shipping and usually are looking for zero dollars. With text elements campaigns, Fancii added several campaigns that displayed messages to the site visitor when their cart total unlocked free shipping. By setting product and cart total rules, Fancii was able to dynamically display messages based on the site visitor's actions. Fancii set any product with a price less than $75 and a cart total value of less than $55 to display the message - “Add more to your cart to unlock free shipping.”

Other free shipping messages were displayed when the site visitor was viewing products that automatically qualified for free shipping and blackout items. Meaning items that weren’t available to ship to certain countries. For example, “Sorry love. This item isn’t available in the UK,” was displayed on certain items to site visitors in the UK. 

Up-sell with Accessories:
Up-selling items across your ecommerce site can be effective in locking in customers to check out additional items and bundle them together for an increased AOV. Fancii created a campaign centered around their accessories to be bundled together with additional items. Fancii get’s an up-sell and customers unlock free shipping as well. “You're sooo close - add one of our popular accessories to unlock free shipping!” - was added to product detail pages when users selected one of the items designated to trigger this message.

Inventory Notification:
Having callouts on your product detail pages motivates customers to complete their purchases. Fancii added several campaigns to those products with limited stock. When the items inventory fell to less than 25 items, Fancii displayed a message urging customers to purchase before it was sold out. 
The Because Solution:

By adding Because to their ecommerce stack, Fancii was able to display customized messages on the product detail page. These messages did not interrupt the user experience and were customized to where the site visitor was located. “As we’re growing our audience base, we realized that we needed to be able to provide on-site, on-brand messaging that spoke to our customers to help reduce any purchasing friction,” said Regina White the assistant relationship manager at Fancii.

- 15% conversion rate lift
- 2% add-to-cart rate lift
- $5K in additional revenue in 2 weeks 
- 15X ROI

Fancii was able to generate a 15% conversion rate lift due to the highlight of customizable messages and generated a 2% add-to-cart rate lift on its products. Fancii tested multiple variations of each message, in order to find the best version that would increase conversion rates across its site. In just two weeks, Fancii generated $5,000 in additional revenue, bringing in an overall 15x ROI. 

Through highly targeted messages and A/B testing variations of each campaign, Fancii was able to increase their add-to-cart and conversion rate while also saving time and keeping their brand experience in mind.

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