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Looking for some heavenly scents without breaking the bank? Look no further than Fragrance Buy, Canada's online fragrance retailer! With a direct-to-consumer approach, they offer the world's most popular fragrances in perfumes and colognes straight to your doorstep at warehouse prices.

But how do they manage to juggle over 300 brands and 300,000 products while still providing a personalized experience for each customer? By adding Because to their ecommerce stack!

Before discovering Because, Fragrance Buy struggled to communicate inventory information across their 7,000+ products, especially with a growing business and fast-moving inventory. But automation is key, and with Because they were able to create over 17 campaigns and automate content across their product pages, resulting in an average of 21% add-to-cart rate across their live campaigns.

Fragrance Buy needed to update their products from one place, all together and wanted to communicate certain product information across their Shopify site. Doing this was going to require a large SaaS product that wasn’t customizable to their ecommerce site and one that wasn’t going to integrate with all of their other Shopify apps. Providing that personalized experience was also going to require some coding skills, a developer, and time. Meaning if there were changes or inventory updates to add to the Fragrance Buy website, it wouldn't happen in real time, when it was important for customers.

Fragrance Buy campaign messages brought in an average product page conversion rate of 5.49% across product pages with Banners. Each campaign was unique and automated based on the site visitor rules, such as how many items are in their cart. Their campaigns brought in a combined, more than 2,000,000 impressions.

Fragrance Buy even went the extra mile and customized their campaigns with animated text and emojis for an elevated look on both mobile and desktop. Plus, with Playbooks and the Rules Engine, they were able to encourage customers to increase their order value with six campaigns that offered free shipping when customers added just one more item to their cart. And with messages like "Hurry only 3 (2, 1) left," Fragrance Buy created a sense of urgency that successfully converted users to click "checkout."

Once a customer qualifies for free shipping, Fragrance Buy displays a Banner above the add to cart button. This lets customers know their items altogether now qualify for free shipping and they can either continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Happily knowing they will get free shipping. This message brought in a 4% add-to-cart rate and through the Rules Engine, Fragrance Buy displayed this when the “site visitor rule,” was set to “Cart size is greater than or equal to 5.”

Fragrance Buy created the campaign to display the message “Add ONE more item to cart for FREE shipping.” With Playbook’s they created a rule for this Banner to show up when customers had four items in their cart. This campaign was successful in upselling products and product page conversion rate of 6.3% with over 143,000 campaign impressions.

If you need help creating your campaigns or need inspiration, simply slide on over to the Help Center tab, and just chat with us below or email Grab some more inspiration from our other case studies. Happy add-to-carting!

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