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About the Store: 

Concrete Countertop Solutions started out in 2003 when owner Ed Baldoni had been in the construction industry for over 30 years. He had a thought, "there must be an easier way to build beautiful concrete countertops." That led him to what Concrete Countertop Solutions is today.

This business venture led to the creation of their “Z Counterform system.” The system is a solution for “cast-in-place concrete countertops” aka a simple way to install concrete countertops! Now they offer a similar solution for pools and have grown their business since. Offering an ecommerce solution for customers to purchase their products directly from their Shopify Plus store.
The Ecommerce Challenge:

As a family-owned and operated business, Concrete Countertop Solutions are on Shopify Plus, simplifying the process for others to buy products to build and remodel their homes. With over 341 products on their site and many of their products ranging from small to large pieces, the challenge was to keep all of these products updated with information.

Especially when it came to the two solutions they offer, (a simple way to install concrete countertops and pool coping industry) having highly targeted product information was a must for their Shopify Plus site. When it came to inventory management, certain products were on backorder and they needed a way to effectively communicate with their customers when to expect their orders.

The Because Solution:

By creating over 13 campaigns, Concrete Countertop Solutions was able to create messages that relayed shipping information to inventory issues. All right before the shopper clicks add-to-cart, so they aren’t surprised at the end and abandon their cart altogether.

Shopify merchants can increase their add-to-cart rate and overall provide a great shopping experience when your site visitors know what to expect when it comes to the products they purchase. 
By telling your site visitors upfront what to expect you remove any doubts and questions. Concrete Countertop Solutions added specific campaigns that brought in over 80,294 campaign views with a significant increase in their add-to-cart rate. With some campaigns bringing in as much as a 15% add-to-cart rate, the campaigns were a success.

"It’s now incredibly easy for us to set up banners with smart rules on our product pages. Transparency around availability and shipping times is of the utmost importance and we can now keep our customers better informed,” says Dario Baldoni, VP of Technology and Marketing at Concrete Countertop Solutions.
Types of Because Messages:

Availability and Inventory:

Concrete Countertop Solutions needed an app for their ecommerce stack that was able to update their product pages. With Because, they added one of the common types of campaign messages that clearly communicated expectations to their customers when it came to their orders.

That message told customers when to expect a product. With the ever-changing supply issues within ecommerce, this has become a popular message that still provides a great customer experience without missing a step.

Product Specific Message:

This message showed on a few specific products from Concrete Countertop Solutions. It communicated the product was only compatible with another product. “For Pools Manufactured by Radiant Pools Only!” This message was specific to the product and was able to be shown with a rule that was displayed based on the product titles.

Final Sale:

Letting customers know when a sale is running on your site is easier than ever with a specific message right above the add-to-cart button. Concrete Countertop Solutions added a sense of urgency to customers as this was the final sale on a specific product! This campaign generated a 12% increase in add-to-cart rate and was successful in getting users' attention through the design and placement of the message.

As a Shopify Plus store, Concrete Countertop Solutions needed an app to fit their high product count store, while not compromising their customer journey and customer service. With over 13 campaigns and highly targeted product information, they were able to increase their add-to-cart rate and generate revenue.

If you need help creating your campaigns, or need inspiration, simply slide on over to the Help Center tab, and just chat with us below or email Grab some more inspiration from our other case studies. Happy add-to-carting!

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