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About the Store: 

It is estimated that a record number of 2.6 million weddings will take place this year. That is a lot of partying, celebration and love, thanks to many weddings having to be canceled and postponed over the past couple of years. Ja-Hochzeitsshop is an online e-commerce site for wedding decorations, gifts, ideas, and tons of other wedding-related products.

The German brand has over 27 thousand followers on Instagram and tons of loyal customers shopping everything from wedding planning to celebrating the big day.

Tanja Becker started Ja-Hochzeitsshop after not finding the right products for her wedding in 2008. “When I was planning my own wedding, there weren't really nice wedding items at that time. The "trend" colors amounted to white, cream, red and green, all topped with white doves or some ugly golden plastic item.” This realization launched the e-commerce brand. “I wanted to give future brides the opportunity to decorate their wedding beautifully and trendy.”
The Ecommerce Challenge: 

With over 2,811 products on its site, Ja-Hochzeitsshop needed a way to manage each of its product pages. Each page has different types of information related to each product. For example, a wedding arch will have a different shipping messaging (time and cost) than wedding invitations.

Or a kids’ party favor will have different descriptions than items for a wedding party. With unique products, Ja-Hochzeitsshop would have to hire a web developer to update all of their pages one by one and come back every couple of weeks to make sure everything is up to date.

Like many e-commerce brands, Ja-Hochzeitsshop has so many great stories and messages behind each of its products. From their mission, to “about us” and every other message in between, every product is unique in telling a story. Communicating this beyond an “about us page” or an FAQ page, Ja-Hochzeitsshop needed a way to easily manage all of their information and communicate info to their site visitors.

The Because Solution: 
Seven out of the ten reasons site visitors don’t buy from an e-commerce site are caused by the product page setting the wrong buyer expectation. By telling your site visitors upfront what to expect when it comes to product information, shipping times and costs, reviews, inventory urgency, return policy, and other information, Shopify merchants can increase their add-to-cart rate and overall provide a great shopping experience.

Adding Because to their ecommerce stack allowed Ja-Hochzeitsshop to do just this. By communicating all the messages they needed on each product page, Ja-Hochzeitsshop was able to increase to an average of 6% add-to-cart rate, on products with Because Banners and messages.

With over 44 published Because campaigns across their site and 2,811 products, Ja-Hochzeitsshop saved countless hours without having to get a costly developer involved. In total, all 44 campaigns brought in a total of 2 million campaign views, which led to revenue of over $15 million (converted to USD).
Types of Because messages:

Top Sellers:
Communicate your top-selling products by adding a Banner right near the add-to-cart button. Ja-Hochzeitsshop added their Top Seller Banner right below the add-to-cart button to let customers know which products are super popular at the moment. Use dynamic rules to show based on the number of inventory left on a product, tag, or collection. 

Linkable Banners and Shipping:
Ja-Hochzeitsshop wanted to clearly display their shipping policy and did so through linkable banners. They used Because to add which products are available for “lightning fast shipping,” and which products are only available to ship within Germany based on the site visitor geolocation.They used linkable text to link to their shipping FAQ page which gives more details on shipping in a new window rather than directing the site visitor away from the core shopping experience. 

Supporting Causes:
Ja-Hochzeitsshop supports various causes like supporting the disability community. There are certain products made by the owner’s sister Verena, and her colleagues, in a workshop for people with disabilities. Ja-Hochzeitsshop donates a part of those proceeds and site visitors are able to see this through a video linked with Because.Finding products that are sustainable and good for the planet doesn’t have to be difficult. Ja-Hochzeitsshop communicated which products are biodegradable with a Banner and can switch or add products with the same information.

Using Because, Ja-Hochzeitsshop is finally able to personalize the shopping experience for site visitors and returning customers across their more than 2,000 products and the dozens of inter-changing messages across them. Having Because on their e-commerce stack lets them make the most out of their awesome products, so Ja-Hochzeitsshop can continue bringing bride’s dreams to life.If you need help creating your campaigns, need inspiration, or would like to try out Because, install and start for free and upgrade as you grow with Because! Grab some more inspiration from our other case studies

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