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Get ready to throw your rice and put on your dancing shoes because this year is going to be full of love and weddings! With a record number of 2.6 million weddings set to take place, the celebration is going to be bigger and better than ever before. And where can you find all the wedding decorations, gifts, and ideas you need to make your big day special? Look no further than Ja-Hochzeitsshop, the German brand that has over 27 thousand followers on Instagram and tons of loyal customers shopping for everything from wedding planning to celebrating the big day.

Tanja Becker started Ja-Hochzeitsshop after not finding the right products for her wedding in 2008. “When I was planning my own wedding, there weren't really nice wedding items at that time. The "trend" colors amounted to white, cream, red, and green, all topped with white doves or some ugly golden plastic item.” This realization launched the e-commerce brand. “I wanted to give future brides the opportunity to decorate their wedding beautifully and trendy.”

But the road to creating the perfect wedding is not without its challenges. Ja-Hochzeitsshop faced the daunting task of managing over 2,811 products on its site, each with its own unique information related to shipping, descriptions, and more. Hiring a web developer to update each page one by one was out of the question, and that's where Because comes in!

Because allowed Ja-Hochzeitsshop to easily manage all of its information and communicate important messages to its site visitors. By telling customers upfront what to expect when it comes to product information, shipping times and costs, reviews, inventory urgency, return policy, and other information, Shopify merchants can increase their add-to-cart rate and overall provide a great shopping experience.

And it worked like a charm! Ja-Hochzeitsshop was able to increase their average add-to-cart rate by 6% on products with Because Banners and messages. With over 44 published Because campaigns and 2,811 products, Ja-Hochzeitsshop saved countless hours without having to get a costly developer involved. Plus, all 44 campaigns brought in a total of 2 million campaign views, which led to revenue of over $15 million (USD).

So if you want to create a wedding that's as unique and special as your love, head on over to Ja-Hochzeitsshop and check out all their amazing products. And if you're an e-commerce brand struggling to manage your product pages, give Because a try and see how it can revolutionize your shopping experience. After all, everyone deserves a little love and celebration in their lives, and Ja-Hochzeitsshop and Because are here to make that happen!

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