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Marisa Fuller, the Founder, and CEO of Marisa in Motion, started her business after a cancer screening and an introduction to the world of pilates, all happening at the same time. Marisa decided she would open a pilates studio and start an online apparel brand inspired by pilates. Marisa took her entrepreneurial spirit even further by designing all the pilates-inspired apparel on her own and taking advantage of the “pause” the world took during the height of the global pandemic.

But, as with any business, Marisa in Motion faced its own unique challenges, such as keeping their hundreds of product pages up to date with all the important information customers needed to make a purchase decision. As a small business, Marisa poured money into ads to drive traffic to her site, but she struggled to ensure that the right message landed with the right visitor on each page.

That's where Because came in to save the day! Adding Because to their ecommerce stack allowed Marisa in Motion to communicate all the messages they needed on each page to get site visitors to convert. The dashboard provided Marisa with a view to see which products had which messages so she could easily manage over 100 different products and almost a dozen different messages across her campaigns.

With Because, Marisa was able to add product reviews, her founding story, promotions, social mission, inventory, and more on her product pages. The result? A personalized touch to every product page and an increase in their conversion rate. Plus, Marisa in Motion saved over 480 hours in having to update messaging across their site on every product page last year. That's more time for Marisa to focus on other key areas of growing her business, like designing even more amazing apparel!

Types of Because Messages

Product Reviews: Nothing says customers love more than a product review. Each product page displayed a customer review, tied uniquely to the product. The reviews can easily be added or changed at any time to fit a certain collection of products or one singular product. The reviews were strategically placed below the add-to-cart button and not pushed to the bottom like most Shopify apps, giving much more exposure to site visitors.

Founding Story: Having your story engrained through every digital experience on your Shopify site is crucial to building a brand with a loyal following. Through all the moments and the journey, Marisa had to go through personally and professionally, she chooses to share that story and make it part of her mission to inspire others. What better way to cut through the noise in the apparel industry than connecting with your customers and letting them know straight out which product (and overall purchase) is supporting a cause bigger than the business.

After a year of using Because, Marisa in Motion's campaigns brought in over 40,813 views, which converted into $316,147 in revenue. They even saw an average 2% increase in their add-to-cart rate on products with messaging.

In summary, Marisa in Motion is a leading brand that inspires people to get fit and active, with the power of automation and the right messaging provided by Because. So if you need help with your campaigns or need some inspiration, just slide on over to the Help Center tab and chat with the Because team. Who knows, you may even become the next case study!

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