How USA-Made Brand Pistol Lake Increased Conversion by 182%


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About the Store: 

Pistol Lake is an apparel brand focused on creating minimalistic styles for men. Their products are handmade from recycled materials and focused on being sustainably and ethically manufactured in Los Angeles, California.

The Pistol Lake team consists of six team members and works hard to provide its customers with the best experience possible. “We started as a group of friends in Venice, CA who wanted to bring back the level of craftsmanship that defined American manufacturing for so long,” states Pistol Lake. “We strive for perfection in everything we make. We started with organic cotton, nailed the cut and fit... but we wanted to make more.” Pistol Lake focuses on creating minimalistic styles for men, with products from polo shirts to shorts to hoodies and everything in between.
Product pages: an overlooked opportunity

Pistol Lake was looking for a way to educate its site visitors on key information on their website but felt they had already done and tried enough on their Home Page. Together with the Because team, they saw their product page as a totally untapped messaging channel and a key way to solve that problem and proactively message what site visitors need to make a purchase decision. Among the key challenges ecommerce brands face, optimizing site visitor buying journeys to maximize conversion is at the top. 
Because came in to help the Pistol Lake team overcome four roadblocks. Communicating how their products were made to justify their price point, communicating how to unlock free shipping, driving a sense of urgency with low inventory messaging, and how site visitors could compare their savings on promotional items.
By proactively answering any questions directly on the product detail page through Banners and Text Elements, Pistol Lake now had the opportunity to acquire site visitors and convert them into customers. Pistol Lake’s site visitors didn’t know the difference between their product materials (one bag versus minimalist) which is a big selling point for the brand and a key justification for their price point. This prompted site visitors to reach out to the customer service team with questions about the differences of each material, which ultimately delayed a purchase.

Another issue the Pistol Lake team had in communicating to their site visitors, was free shipping options and the threshold site visitors could reach based on how many items were in their cart. There was confusion about when a customer qualified for free shipping.

Finally, scoring a discount is important to any potential customers and Pistol Lake was no exception. Their site visitors wanted to unlock a discount before completing a purchase. The Pistol Lake team wanted to relay the percentage savings that site visitors could save on promotional items. It was difficult to display this uniquely for each product or collection, without having to hire a developer. On top of all of these roadblocks, Pistol Lake wanted to drive urgency with site visitors when inventory was low on certain products. It was impossible to add this message without having to code content in the backend. 
Types of Because Messages:

Free shipping:
Offering free shipping is considered a must and something shoppers look for when buying a product. After all, over 40% of shoppers actively research delivery costs when shopping online.  The Pistol Lake team created three campaigns that emphasized shipping thresholds, telling the site visitor which products qualify for free shipping. They were able to customize this based on each site visitor’s cart value.

Pistol Lake displayed “adding this product to your cart will qualify you for free shipping,”- when site visitors had $99 worth of goods in their cart.

Pistol Lake displayed “get excited, your order qualifies for free shipping,” anytime a site visitor hit the threshold of having the cart's total value be $150 or more. Similarly, for any cart totals that are valued at less than $150, a similar message would be displayed that lets site visitors know how much they need to qualify for free shipping. “Free shipping on orders over $150, add more to your cart to qualify,”

Up-selling products is a great opportunity to introduce customers to a new product they can upgrade to or simply increase the AOV of a customer. “Grab some more items from our Minimalist collection to unlock free shipping. Shop your favorites now,” - was an up-sell message that linked to the minimalist collection. Targeting site visitors already going through the checkout process with items from the Minimalist collection in their cart. This specific campaign generated a 2.90% add-to-cart rate. 

How products are made:
To communicate how their products are made, Pistol Lake create two linkable banner campaigns that lived below the add-to-cart button. They talked about the material of the product the site visitor was viewing and linked to the entire collection within that message. Other strategic messages include which items are selling out fast which emphasized how many items were left of that specific product. Pistol Lake was able to set the message to display when the inventory was low with only 20 or less left of a product.

Because was able to pull this product data and dynamically display the message, “This is a popular item with only 6 [interchangable based on inventory] left. Grab yours now before it's too late!”

Nothing screams urgent than a text element campaign telling you how many items are left, of a product you are viewing. Pistol Lake used the Product Rules to connect its inventory to communicate which items are selling out. “This is a popular item with only {|product.inventory|} left. Grab yours now before it's too late!”  The Product Rules was able to grab how many items of a particular product are left. The rules added were “inventory stock is greater than 0” and “inventory stock is less than 20.”
The Results:

The team at Pistol Lake added Because to its ecommerce stack to create text elements and banner campaigns on strategic messages embedded into the product detail page that display dynamically based on product and site visitor data. Each of their campaigns told a story for Pistol Lake and was able to communicate that to site visitors, leaving room for zero doubt on their purchase decision.

Pistol Lake created nine campaigns that drove a staggering 182% conversion rate lift and a 96% add-to-cart rate lift. Because drove $33,000 in additional revenue for Pistol Lake in just one month and projects to drive over $400,000 in its first year of platform use.

- 182% Conversion Rate Lift
- 1.2% Conversion Point Lift 
- 96% Add-to-Cart Rate Lift 
- $33,000 in Additional Revenue in One Month

Because helped Pistol Lake to give site visitors a unique experience that guided them to purchase and left with every question answered. Discover more inspiration from other case studies. If you need help creating your campaigns, or need inspiration, simply slide on over to the Help Center tab, and just chat with us below or email

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