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Are you ready to gear up for an adventure? Then let's talk about TacNGear! This Swedish outdoor brand is the real deal for all you military, police, and outdoor enthusiasts out there. And get this - it all started with a book. Yep, you heard that right! One of the founders created a booklet for police officers while he was in the police academy himself.

Fast forward two years later in 2007, and TacNGear's first product was born - "The PowerTank pen." This little guy solved the problem with ballpoint pens freezing and stopping at minus degrees. Gone were the days of carrying three pens close to your body to keep them heated. With TacNGear's PowerTank pen, one was enough!

From there, TacNGear became the go-to for police and military equipment. And soon enough, they started getting requests for gear for outdoor life and adventure. So, they decided to expand their product line and dive into the outdoor industry. But with more than 4,000 products and an average of 35,000 monthly site visitors, TacNGear needed a way to display unique information on individual products.

Enter the Ecommerce Challenge! TacNGear had to communicate not only regular shipping and pricing information but also highly important product info like proof of employment and affiliation with a police and military organization. And let's not forget about the restricted products - we're talking weapon accessories, fire and safety gear, and much more. TacNGear had to communicate with its customers, which products can not be returned ever due to the type of product. TacNGear made sure customers were aware of these requirements with a bright red, bold Because Banner.

TacNGear also opened a physical retail location in Stockholm and they wanted their customers to know their store location and hours. With a clickable Banner showing directions to their location, customers could shop in-store for their favorite TacNGear products.

The results after using Because in their ecommerce stack brought in $6.1 million in revenue. With 7 Because campaigns, TacNGear saw an average 3.1% increase in add-to-cart rates for each of their products. Those 7 campaigns brought in a total of 1.8 million views! Using the Because analytics dashboard, the TacNGear team was able to see which message was resonating best with their site visitors and make adjustments accordingly. They were also able to quickly drill down and see which of their products were top-performing among their campaigns - looking at a measurement of both impressions and total revenue per product.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up with TacNGear and start your adventure today! And if you're a Shopify merchant looking for tools to save you time and automate tasks, Because is the no-code solution that lets you set up your campaigns and grow your business. Check out more inspiring case studies and get ready to take your business to the next level!

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