Apparel Brand that Increased Conversion Rates by 12% with Targeted Campaigns


Conversion Rate Lift


Revenue Lift Per Impression


CR Increase From Top Campaign

Are you tired of boring, uncomfortable underwear? Look no further than TomboyX, the high-quality apparel brand that's got you covered! With sizes ranging from 3XS to 6X, TomboyX creates underwear and apparel that fits any body and any identity. And how did they get started? By asking a simple question: "How hard can it be to make good underwear?"

But TomboyX faced a challenge common to many apparel brands: how to engage site visitors, turn them into customers, and nudge them to click add-to-cart. With Because TomboyX was able to create targeted campaigns that drove conversion rates up and lifted revenue.

From cross-selling and up-selling campaigns to holiday-specific messages, TomboyX used Because to communicate with site visitors and offer them value that made them want to buy. They even highlighted product reviews on the product page itself, making it easy for visitors to see how great TomboyX's products really are. Site visitors didn’t have to scroll to the bottom of the page to view customer reviews, they could simply read them right above or below the add-to-cart button.

For example, this message would be on display when a site visitor views any product categorized as underwear. “This material is the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn! No matter what position you’re in, they don’t ride up, roll up, or chafe. They are heavenly!"

TomboyX zeroed in on high-focus campaigns that moved site visitors to check out additional products that paired well with their cart items. For example, users checking out bras would be prompted with this message to cross-sell items together, "looking for some underwear to go with this bra? Check out our best-selling Boy Shorts here.” The campaign would link to the additional collection and have users check out additional items.

The results speak for themselves: a 12% conversion rate lift and a $0.14 revenue lift per impression across all campaigns. But that's not all TomboyX learned. The sustainability campaigns drove a 7.69% increase in conversion rate with a 0.52% improvement in conversion. This taught TomboyX that future campaigns on brand ideals and values should be a priority. They found that sustainability campaigns were particularly effective, as were messages that created a sense of urgency. And they used all of this knowledge to create even more effective campaigns in the future.

Reviews campaigns were successful and brought in a substantial improvement in conversion rate with a 17% conversion rate increase from one Banner. The “first-time visitor” campaign allowed TomboyX to capture new visitors with a 1.83% increase in conversion rate from one campaign.

The limited inventory campaign drove increases to both add-to-cart and conversion rates with 1.81% in add-to-cart and 3.36% conversion increase. This taught TomboyX that urgency messages work and are successful in increasing cart conversions.

So if you want comfortable, high-quality underwear and apparel that fits your body and your identity, look no further than TomboyX. And if you want to boost your ecommerce business, try Because and see how it can help you turn site visitors into happy customers!

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