In a world where resource-strapped marketers fought valiantly against the evil clutches of boring messaging and reliance on developers, a colorful superhero named Because swooped in, armed with emoji-powered rainbows and the ability to turn mundane conversions into an epic adventure of skyrocketing success!

Why Because started

Over 40% of Shopify stores sell more than 50 products. And each page of their site, each product they sell, and most importantly, each customer that visits, requires a different messaging journey.

Yet no one’s ever built with the needs of high-sku stores in mind.

The majority of merchant marketing teams consist of less than 3 people, if not just the Owner themselves.

You have an overwhelming amount of jobs to manage - from building your site traffic in the first place, managing your paid channels, driving a successful social media strategy, building out emails, segments, abandoned cart, and welcome flows, SMS nurturing, managing retention and loyalty, increasing AOV, and much more.

But at the very core of your business (if you’re selling primarily through your DTC store), less than 3% of your site visitors convert.

I rarely even hear about 3% conversion rates these days- most of the merchants we talk to are more like 1-2%. Some even less than 1%.

That sucks and we feel you.

Not to mention, with recent IOS and privacy changes, it’s become harder than ever to drive cost-effective (and the right) traffic to your website (we wrote more on that in our blog here).

So you and your resource-strapped marketing team have a particularly difficult challenge at hand: How do I convert more of the site visitors I already worked so hard to get to my site?

But your options when it comes to on-site messaging and personalization are quite limited.

Most of the “personalization” platforms in the ecosystem dote personalization and optimization to give each site visitor the best possible experience, but fall flat with their on-site messaging limited to pop-ups, hero images, and product recommendation carousels.

Sure pop-ups are helpful for gathering subscriber information and then nurturing them later via email or SMS. But how does that help you nurture that site visitor to purchase ON SITE?

Sure hero images are great to adapt to the site visitor that’s arriving on site, but the majority of traffic these days is arriving straight from social and going to product pages, collection pages, or landing pages. Home page hero images aren’t going to cut it on the personalization today’s site visitors expect.

Sure product recommendations are helpful for increasing AOV and getting your site visitors to the right product in order to checkout. But how do you give them the message they need to make a purchase decision once they’re considering one of those recommended products?

The crisis of relying on developers

How do resource-strapped marketing teams like yours optimize every message your precious site visitors see from the second they land on site?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically update the shipping message on your product page to show the site visitor how close they are to unlocking free shipping or even what they should add to cart to cross the threshold?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically update the amount of inventory left in stock on your product page?

Try your Shopify theme with basically zero customization options. Or ask your developer.

How do you dynamically tease upcoming product drops before they’ve been announced publicly, but only to your VIP customer segment from Klaviyo?

Email it to them. And if you want it on your site, ask your developer.

How do you dynamically update the review your site visitor sees above the fold on each product page so each review is the perfect one for each site visitor and each product?

Hmmm….ask your review platform?

Nope, ask your developer.

How do you dynamically suggest a product based on what’s in cart rather than some random algorithm you can never trust?

Oh I know this one! 🤣

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically show the right promotion on only the collection that’s on sale? How do you avoid going in there on the weekend or on Black Friday to manually turn it off?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically continue messaging from your Klaviyo email campaigns to your on site experience?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically show a newsletter sign up message only to site visitors who have been to the site less than 5 times and aren’t in a known Klaviyo segment?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically show a cross-sell message on all your moisturizers to your bundles?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically update your collection page promotion banner to match the messaging you’re showing on your Jeans product pages?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically show a message on your product page that suggests lamps since you know the site visitor recently purchased a bed side table?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically offer a discount code to site visitors you know have never purchased?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically link to your new arrivals when you know your site visitor hasn’t purchased in 90 days?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically remind the customer what they forgot in cart last week when they’re in a new shopping session?

Ask your developer.

How do you show your love to new customers and give them exclusive offers and free gifts with their next purchase when you notice they come back to site?

Ask your developer.

How do you dynamically show a message across all your products in a particular collection all in a couple of clicks?

Okay let’s summarize.

How do you manage the high volumes of messaging changes you should be making to give the on-site shopping experience your site visitors expect? How do you put it on auto-pilot?

Ask your developer! 😆

This is why Because started 🌈

Ushering in the rainbow emoji 👆 to make things feel less glum.

How Because works

We started Because to make all of the above possible.

We wanted Marketing teams to be able to dream up every possible dynamic content scenario possible based on interactions between their data and their on-site messaging.

We wanted it to be completely no code so you don’t have to… you guessed it 😉 ”ask your developer.”

Because is a no code Shopify app that helps you create dynamic messaging across your site without the need for your developer.

Today, we offer three different types of content:


Text Elements

(Many more types of content coming in the future including images).

You can add these 3 content types to 3 different parts of your site:

  1. Product Page
  2. Collection/Category Page
  3. Slide out Cart

(More page types coming in the future including your home page).

We offer 22 different types of rules and a super easy user interface to set your logic on when and where your messaging shows.

Product Data

  • Product id
  • product variant id
  • product tag
  • product collection
  • product price
  • product description
  • product title
  • product weight
  • inventory stock
  • vendor name
  • SKU

Cart Data

  • What products are in cart
  • Monetary value in cart
  • Number of
  • Currency of cart

Site Visitor Data

  • Geolocation - country based
  • Geolocation - state based (US only + CA provinces)
  • UTM Params
  • of visits to the site

Customer Data - Klaviyo

  • Klaviyo Segments
  • Klaviyo Flows
  • Klaviyo Campaigns

Where on the page does it show?

We allow for endless positions on your site using custom selectors. Basically, we attach onto elements already on your page by going above or below the div element.

How does it look?

We match the styling of your site automatically to adapt to the right fonts, sizes, colors, padding, etc.

And as if this couldn’t get any more magical, we have zero impact on site speed. Our campaigns load right after the page loads, but it happens so fast it’s not noticeable to the site visitor.

If you’re looking for a future where you don’t have to “ask your developer” every time you dream up an amazing new on-site messaging experience for your site visitor, it may be time to chat with us. You can find time on our calendar here or feel free to drop us a note in chat 🙂

Or if you’re ready to learn more about how Because works, but not quite ready for a call, take a look at our latest 2 minute product demo from our Founder.