In this blog, we are going to show you what matters most when it comes to your shipping offers. Use shipping information to increase your conversion by understanding these three factors.

Free shipping is an expectation when it comes to shopping online. For shoppers, shipping is a key reason why they shop, click purchase and determine if they will come back to your Shopify store. According to Shopify's Future of Ecommerce Report, free shipping holds an influence on purchasing decisions for online shoppers. "Free shipping continues to have a significant influence on purchasing for 75% of global shoppers, with 58% of people expecting free next-day delivery," states the report.

Online shopping is a joyful experience for many -- until we get caught off guard by how much we need to pay for shipping. When it comes to shipping, customers love hearing three magic words: fast, cheap, and free.

Now, we’re not saying that the only way to increase conversion for your Shopify store is by being all those things. All you need to do is strategically place and design your shipping banners. Whether you use Because product detail page banners or typical announcement bars, customizing your shipping info to best fit your site is super important.

Strategic decisions to consider when it comes to your shipping information:

  • where to add the messaging
  • how to design them visually
  • what message to communicate to convince your site visitor to complete their purchase

In this blog, we are going to show you what matters most when it comes to your shipping offers. Use shipping information to increase your conversion by understanding these three factors.


One thing Because has championed is the unused real estate on product detail pages that can drive conversion. Many Shopify stores opt to place their shipping messages on the announcement bar, pop-ups, or entirely on a different page linked in the footer.

Because users have increased conversion rate lifts and add-to-cart rates by adding strategic messages on shipping below and above their “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons on each product page. Placing strategic shipping information guides customers already viewing a specific product item to check out with less hesitation.


Within Because you can customize your Banners or Text Elements to stand out or appear subtle, as part of your product page theme. Now that you know where to best place your shipping banners, how do you design them? Simple symbols and eye-catching colors go a long way in increasing product page conversion. Using various icons can visually suggest that shipping information is easily available for your site visitor to view. It's important to use visual queues that get this information across quickly!

Convey your message with a Text Element that is more subtle and appears as part of your Shopify theme. In Because you can select "use theme styling" and that will automatically match your product page Banners and Text Elements to the look and styling of your Shopify theme.

The Pistol Lake team created three campaigns that emphasized shipping thresholds, telling the site visitor which products qualify for free shipping. They were able to customize this based on each site visitor’s cart value. The look and styling of their product page banners matched their ecommerce theme and overall site perfectly.

Pistol Lake displayed “adding this product to your cart will qualify you for free shipping,”- when site visitors had $99 worth of goods in their cart. Similarly, for any cart totals that are valued at less than $150, a similar message would be displayed that lets site visitors know how much they need to qualify for free shipping. “Free shipping on orders over $150, add more to your cart to qualify,”


Over 40% of consumers shopping online actively research delivery costs when shopping online. Shoppers want to know before they click add-to-cart how much they will be paying for shipping. Whether it’s a discount code or a certain amount they have to have in their cart items. Some merchants choose to keep it simple and to the point while others give you the details. Shipping offers also vary from business to business. Share these types of messages to increase conversion.

  • Shipping thresholds
  • Free shipping offers and discounts
  • Free shipping codes
  • Shipping deadlines and FAQ

Upful Blends offers free shipping with a minimum purchase amount. This is a great deal for both customers and Shopify store owners. The longer they stay on the site, the more they learn about your amazing products. This also gives shoppers a target price and the chance to discover other items to buy instead of spending their extra cash on shipping alone.

Aside from a free shipping offer, Radical Girl Gang also chose the message “No Code Needed.” This short announcement emphasizes the hassle-free transactions that customers crave.

Club Ride Apparel created and tested four campaigns on free shipping. These free shipping messages were displayed when a certain amount of items are in the shopper's cart. Other messages let customers know which products qualified for free shipping. Because discovered that the more targeted shipping campaigns performed better than generic shipping campaigns.

By understanding the Where, How and What of your shipping information, your audience will see how their convenience is your priority. It's small details like these that make a company go above and beyond for potential customers. Proactively giving site visitors all the information needed to make a purchase decision. You can transform your store and increase product page conversion by showcasing helpful and convincing shipping offers!