Because, a platform for on-site messaging, has integrated a new feature to offer customization and personalization options for their merchant's on-site messaging. This integration is aimed to enrich the existing rules engine with customer information to provide better service, and it was highly requested by their user base.

Background on Because

We started Because to give Marketing teams the power to dream up every possible dynamic content scenario possible based on interactions between their data and their on-site messaging.

And we wanted it to be completely no code so you don’t have to ask your developer.

More detail on our founding story and how Because works here.

About The Integration

We wanted our first core integration (on our list of many at Because) to help merchants unlock a whole new world of customization and personalization options for their on-site messaging. After building our user base to over 1,200 merchants, we knew our rules engine was already incredibly powerful with product rules, cart rules, and site visitor rules, but pairing and enriching these rules with additional customer information has been at the top of our list (and has been highly requested by our user base).

Why Klaviyo?

Klaviyo was an obvious partner for us for our first key partner integration for a few reasons:

1. They also started in Boston (love seeing so many amazing ecommerce tech companies coming out of our Founder’s home city!)

2. We loved their team. Shout out to Mike Eng, Ian Mahanes, and Nina Ephremidze who immediately took us under their wing and showed us the personalized (no pun intended) support we were hoping for from our first integration.

3. They have an amazing partner network of 300+ other tech companies that are all feeding data into their platform to make an integration to Klaviyo that much more valuable. We integrate to Klaviyo and we unlock dozens of other data opportunities without building separate integrations to each.

By integrating directly with Klaviyo, we give our merchants access to all your existing Klaviyo constructs without requiring you to create anything new inside of Klaviyo. Merchants can access existing Klaviyo Segments, Campaigns, and Flows within Because, allowing you to seamlessly continue off-site communication strategies directly into your on-site experiences.

This way, when a customer arrives on your site through an email, SMS, Social, Ad, etc., we can continue that same messaging directly on your product pages, collections pages, and cart.

Targeting a Klaviyo Segment

Inside Klaviyo, Merchants are able to create segments based on any data they have available, like specific customer traits, purchase history, product interests, engagement history, and more.

One of the most valuable use cases for our Klaviyo integration is addressing the "Never Purchased" segment, which can be a challenging one for many merchants. These customers are the ones who continue to engage with your content, whether it’s email lists or return visits to the site, but try as you might, nothing seems to get them over the Purchase hurdle.

Using the Because - Klaviyo Segment integration, you’re able to focus in directly on these customers any time they return to your site. In the following example, you’ll see how Club Ride Apparel is using our segment targeting to provide a targeted discount code to their "Never Purchased" Klaviyo segment.

The campaign structure is really straightforward, so in the rules engine, we configure the one Klaviyo Segment rule to target the ‘Never Purchased’ segment explicitly. This means that this on-site message will only ever show to customers currently belonging to that segment. Based on rules targeting, this message will show on all product pages so long as a customer continues to belong to that segment. Once a customer makes a purchase and no longer belongs to that segment, they will no longer be served that message.

In order to do this, we essentially “Ask” Klaviyo as soon as the page starts to load whether or not the customer making that request belongs to this specific segment. As soon as we get a response from Klaviyo, we’re told whether or not they belong inside that segment, and either show or don’t show the message accordingly. Simple in practice, but requires a lot of very quick responses from both API’s behind the scenes!

In the first week of this campaign being live, it’s already driven more than $2,000 in revenue for ClubRide, and we’re excited to see how it continues to perform!

Klaviyo Customer Flows

Customer flows are another interesting application for the Klaviyo integration since they’re typically centered on customer triggers. The most popular flows typically surround key customer touch-points, like welcome series messaging, engagement prompts, and most of all, abandoned cart messages.

For one of our customers, Bruce Bolt, this integration has become a key part of their on-site strategy. Before implementing Because, they would send discount codes to their customers via email as a method of capturing additional abandoned carts, but they didn’t have a way to continue that messaging on site once they clicked to from the email to their product page or collection page. Now with the Because-Klaviyo Integration, we can drive additional emphasis on those discount codes to drive purchases once they reach the Product Page.

If you’re a merchant like Bruce Bolt, these flows are typically your best chances to re-engage your customers based on a specific set of criteria. Combining these Flow-based Campaigns with Segment-driven campaigns allows merchants using our Klaviyo integration to target their hardest-to-reach customers with an advantageous approach to finally capturing a conversion.

Klaviyo Campaigns

By integrating Klaviyo Campaigns with our rules engine, merchants can seamlessly extend their messaging campaigns to their website. This means that whether customers receive the message via email, SMS, in-app or via social channels, the same message can be conveyed on the website.

Typically, campaigns are designed to convey time-sensitive information such as promotions, sales, announcements, or feature releases. By leveraging campaigns as a continuation of on-site messaging, merchants can reinforce or supplement these messages with additional information once customers arrive on the website.

In the example that follows, we used the receipt of a Promotional Email Campaign as a trigger to show a specific supplemental message on site with similar details from the promotion.

In cases like these, we can similarly direct users to check the email they received for specific discount codes.

Unlocking a whole new world of on-site personalization opportunities

The Because + Klaviyo integration introduces a whole new world of on-site personalization opportunities based on Klaviyo data.

Using Because + Klaviyo, merchants will now be able to target specific customers at much more finely-tuned steps during their on-site purchase journey. From targeting high-intent “never purchased” segments with enticing incentives, to offering your cart abandoners what they need to make that purchase, to teasing your VIP segments with early access new releases, Because can support it all.

And it will all happen at key inflection points in their on-site purchase journey- from collection page, to product page, to cart.

Klaviyo continues to build out its long-term vision to be the ultimate ecommerce customer data platform. Because fits perfectly into that vision to take advantage of all that rich data and deploy it for the most important possible use: increasing conversion on-site.